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What is Glamping?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

What is #glamping anyways?! “Glamorous Camping” is the BASIC explanation. But for me, it’s the luxuries of a hotel but way more unique. I travel for the experiences and glamping is an incredible industry that includes: RVs, Tiny Homes, Tipis, Bubbles and the list goes on! The idea of #camping is being outdoors, cooking outside and maybe even using an outhouse... could you do it? What if I told you - that glamping could be your next business?



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GLAMP Magazine is a quarterly high end publication featuring glamping lifestyle, travel destinations and industry trends + ways to start a glamping business showcasing America’s beauty in extremely unique ways. Our contributors are sharing their glamping experiences from a consumer perspective to product manufacturing and glamp host operations. Our magazine is the premier opportunity to explore U.S. glamping destinations as well as understand and learn about the outdoor hospitality industry; directly from those living, indulging and managing in this space.

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