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Elevate Your Glamping Business With Exclusive Tents

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

An Exclusive Tents tent in Arkansas, a great choice for your glamping business
The Nest in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Do you dream of buying a few (or several!) glamping tents and starting a glamping business of your own?

If you’ve even so much as entertained the idea, you’re probably well aware that there’s a myriad of tent options available. Wall tents, bell tents, safari tents, yurts, domes, teepees...the list goes on and on! And that’s just styles of glamping tents — we haven’t even touched on brands or manufacturers yet!

Regardless of the type of tent you’re most drawn to for your glamping business, there’s one company that stands far above the rest: Exclusive Tents.

Who is Exclusive Tents?

A glass of wine, hot tub, and deck at The Nest in Arkansas, an Exclusive Tents glamping business
The hot tub deck at The Nest

In the company’s own words, Exclusive Tents are “Engineered to bring you closer to nature and allow you the romance of living under canvas, to find the true tranquility and absolute pure passion of life!”

There is no question that one of the best — and certainly most romantic — ways to connect with nature is sleeping in a tent. Exclusive Tents’ handcrafted, four-season luxury glamping tents encourage you to do exactly that, and no comfort or luxury is overlooked.

That should come as no surprise — Exclusive Tents was co-founded by Paul Zway, the youngest-ever professional game ranger in South Africa’s iconic Kruger National Park. Paul worked in this position for over 17 years, not only gaining valuable nature and wildlife experience, but immense knowledge of nature-focused accommodations as well.

Whether your property’s focus is connecting with the natural surroundings, observing wildlife, or being comfortable in extreme climates, no one is more of an expert than Mr. Zway. Fortunately for us glamping enthusiasts, he injects that knowledge and experience directly into Exclusive Tents’ handcrafted works of art. In fact, the company states that its “goal isn’t to become the biggest luxury tent manufacturer in the world, but the best luxury tent manufacturer in the world.”

And you want the very best for your glamping tents for your glamping business, right?

How Exclusive Tents can Help you Start a Glamping Business

A man standing under a tented patio at a glamping business in a green forest

Let’s face it, the glamping business is growing by the day. While that’s a wonderful thing, it also means it’s becoming more competitive from a business standpoint. It’s no longer enough to simply have *a* glamping property; in order to have a successful glamping business, you must stand out.

Exclusive Tents do not blend in or fade from memory. These impeccable, made-in-South Africa tents are so striking that guests often go out of their way to inquire about the maker.

They’re beautiful, to be sure, but they’re also made with utmost care and from the highest-quality materials. Think all-steel frames coated in rust-resistant epoxy, proprietary tensioning systems, and heavy-duty canvas that resists water (including saltwater), sunlight, high winds, chemicals, and even acid rain.

Perhaps even more important than being the “best” tents available — although, make no mistake, they are — Exclusive Tents are exceedingly durable. Check out their testimonials and you’ll see that many have been standing assembled for over a decade!

Some of the most exclusive (pun very much intended) glamping resorts in the world use Exclusive Tents. On the other hand, so do many mid-market resorts — and that’s entirely by design. Everyone can and should experience the tranquility and romance that comes along with living under canvas, and this company proves it’s possible. Exclusive Tents is very literally making the world its canvas, one tent at a time.

Even if you're just starting to consider starting a glamping business, contact Exclusive Tents. The family-owned company is absolutely fantastic at answering questions and talking you through the entire process. Oh, and be sure to tell them GLAMP Mag sent ya!



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