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Nomadic Hotel Near Big Bend National Park

I was in Marfa twenty years prior to this trip and now I have a newfound appreciation for this artsy bohemian paradise near Big Bend National Park. In the 1970's, Donald Judd a minimalist contemporary artist from New York purchased several buildings in Marfa for his art installations - which since has allotted this small desert town a world-renowned art scene. A very small population but a place for artists, performers, photographers, musicians, filmmakers and creatives to flourish in the stillness of Big Bend.

El Cosmico | A nomadic hotel for bohemians. Once I got wind of this place it was a MUST for the mag. @elcosmicomarfa greets you with the "all-seeing eye" over the entrance. They had plently of local provisions for sale at check-in including a $180 El Cosmico branded robe, I opted for a little wall tent patch to remember our stay. There were many other options on property such as tent camping, vintage trailers, yurts, tipis and a sky wrapped kasita. We showered outside and ate breakfast burritos at Marfa Burrito before a day spent in Big Bend.



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