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DIY Backyard Glamping

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

It’s the weekend. Looking for a relaxing time in your backyard or at your favorite park?

How to create this dance party? Here’s our recipe:

Find an instant canopy tent - also called a pop-up tent - that you see at the beach or at art shows. You prob have or know someone that has one of these lying around. Then drape white or off-white fabric, sheets, or a mosquito net over the top to add the soft boho aesthetic. This can be a fun trip to the thrift store to source lace and fringe.

Rug. All glamping requires an epic rug. Don’t be afraid to steal the one from the living room... weather permitting! 😉 A great alternative to a rug is a large sheet, tapestry, or beach blanket.

Pillows. We love using pillows and cushions for seating but we suggest real furniture for more comfort. This all depends on what you have on hand. No worries about conflicting patterns... bohemians love all colors. You can see that this is perfect for ANY OCCASION or just because!

Lanterns. Add the Moroccan touch with clustered lanterns at each corner. Depending on the time of day - add candles for a romantic evening under the stars. Use zip ties to hang a chandelier. We recommend using battery-powered candles if you have them to prevent any accidents. Although, a campfire would be the perfect touch in a nearby firepit.

Twinkle Lights. Battery-powered twinkle lights are the best!

Set the mood: Speaker box & Stevie Nicks playlist, charcuterie board, fresh fruit, cookies, homemade cocktails, magazines... you can take it from here!

Feeling Even More Creative? DIY Tipi: 3 long PVC pipes from a Lowe's or Home Depot, clothespins, white sheets, and rope to brace the pipes together. Will need someone tall or a ladder to secure.

Want more glamping inspiration? Learn more about GLAMP Magazine here.

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