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Meet Us

Glamp Your Grounds is an online glamping network, glamping store, glamping travel tip blog, consulting, execution, and design service for those interested in glamping itself, creating a glamping business from scratch, or implementing glamping structures into their business model. We offer curated Glamp Your Grounds Collections that include the structure, decor, and essentials to get your glamping business off the ground fast. We also provide real industry experience, how-tos, behind-the-scenes tours, and a bird’s eye view of our glamping experiences, creations and highlights in GLAMP Magazine & on our YouTube Channel.


Brittny Cuff - Our resident fire-starter and serial entrepreneur. Brittny is a glamping enthusiast offering you industry knowledge and start-up assistance. A magnetic networker that brings the vision and execution to the brand that is, Glamp Your Grounds & GLAMP Magazine. Contact Brittny at

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Andrea Deases - Passionate mental health professional & lover of nature. Our retreat experiences offer a deeper connection to wellness with Andrea's self growth & mindfulness activities. She believes spending time disconnected in the outdoors is so important for our mental health and loves how glamping is the perfect way to connect to self & nature.

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GLAMP Magazine is a quarterly high end publication featuring glamping lifestyle, travel destinations and industry trends + ways to start a glamping business showcasing America’s beauty in extremely unique ways. Our contributors are sharing their glamping experiences from a consumer perspective to product manufacturing and glamp host operations. Our magazine is the premier opportunity to explore U.S. glamping destinations as well as understand and learn about the outdoor hospitality industry; directly from those living, indulging and managing in this space.

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